Our Partner and Operating Umbrella


Launchpad operates under the umbrella of Hope For The Nations. A international charity that has a strong reputation for integrity and efficiency.

Hope for the Nations began in 1994 with their first home for 25 children in Nepal.

They have grown rapidly since then, through partnerships with local organizations in the field, to help thousands of children.

Over the years, they’ve expanded into twenty-one countries around the world: building drop-in centers, community-based homes, and schools. They’ve also organized micro-enterprise programs, emergency aid relief, and critically-needed support services.

Hope for the Nations considers themselves to be a “boutique” NGO, which means they customize and tailor their work around their projects’ unique communities. This allows them to respond to the diverse cultural, political and economic environments children face in different countries around the world.

Their focus has always been the safety and well-being of children. By addressing the environment and care of a community’s children, their projects begin to transform entire communities.

We seek to empower people at risk to become people of change.